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It all began in the early 1920s, when Mario Polegato had the intuition to invest in the wine sector with the purchase of some vineyards. The strong passion that drives him is the spark for a growth that will see its fruits in the years of rebirth after the Second World War. A company's rise over the years thanks to the love and commitment of his heirs. Villa Sandi entered the Moretti Polegato family properties in the 1970s, becoming the reference point for the winery.  
Wine culture and tradition is always conducted with great respect for historicity but without giving way to technological renewal, which is useful for improving production. 

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Which were Villa Sandi's needs?

In 2017 Villa Sandi decided to patent its production system with a new 15.000 bph bottling line. 

In a territory where mainly sparkling wines are produced, the customer was looking for a company that understood and respected the specific characteristics of the line.  

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A winning collaboration, what did we do?

Among the companies contacted by the customer, we were chosen because we were able to give continuity to the existing system, perfectly understanding the their needs. 

We realized a  complete turnkey supply: from the handling, product conveying, heating (warmer), to the supervision system of the entire production line. 

Throughout the project, we collaborated symbiotically with the customer, a synergy that produced the new complete Prosecco line of 15.000 bph. 


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Results achieved

The choice of collaboration between Villa Sandi and Europool has proved successful, and has achieved the objectives that Villa Sandi had set for this project.

Our after-sales support has allowed us to perfect all the functionalities of the line.

Thanks to the continuous exchange of ideas day after day, Villa Sandi has found in Europool a reliable partner for its production plant.

Case Studies

Case Studies

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