Project management

Integrated Project Management

Our Project Management service aims to support the customer, becoming the technical structure that follows all phases of the project: from the management of suppliers, to technical support in the choice of machines and all auxiliary services. 

We collaborate symbiotically with the customer, creating new synergies that last over time. 

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Project Management

Not only cost and time optimization

A well-managed project brings with it many advantages, including cost and time optimization. 

Some features of our Project Management service: 

Design and engineering specialists dedicated to your project.
Optimized processes and reduction of realization times.
Reliability and transparency in the selection of suppliers and manufacturers.
Granted compliance with current regulations and safety standards
Optimization and timing coordination during the various project phases
Full support,  from the project to the installation of the equipments

From layout to installation

Europool stands out for a project management service that integrates all the technical and management skills necessary to transform a vision into tangible reality.

This service starts from the development of preliminary layouts, up to the executive layouts of the equipment.




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