Cantina Produttori di Valdobbiadene SAC

The company

Cantina Produttori di Valdobbiadene is one of the most impressive and successful stories of how a little enterprise can achieve success. All starts with what can be called a social initiative: it was 1952 when, thanks to the will of 129 founding members, the company came to life. The protagonists are a group of Italian farmers in the post war period, convinced that they can start from their skills to face the economic situation inherited from the war. 

A winning, vital cooperation that still unites more than 600 winegrowers. 

The primary objective of the company has always been to enhance the high-quality raw materials at their disposal. The production processes need, over time, continuous updates that require significant human and economic resources. 

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Which were the needs of the customer?

The first request was the study of a wine bottling line for 10.000 bph. 

We completed it, understanding immediately the customer’s needs and, for this reason, the collaboration continued in 2019 with an important project: the automation of the entire line, 8.000 bph, for still and sparkling wine, in order to guarantee the customer a perfect production synchronism. 

A winning collaboration, what did we do?

We took care of integrating the complete line, providing the necessary machines and coordinating all the engineering operations. 


Machines composing the line:   


  • Bottles conveyors system with lubrification 
  • Bottles drying tunnel (Dryer) complete with conveyor with special guides;  
  • Bottles warmer 4.5x2m, entirely made of stainless steel, equipped with infeed and outfeed conveyors. 



Results achieved

Thanks to our engineering team, the customer optimized the entire production process from the arrival of empty bottles to the automatic storage of ready-to-ship carton pallets to the final customer.

The optimization project of the line studied by our engineering, supported by the entire synchronic process automation, have brought to the customer results far beyond the initial expectations.



Case Studies

Case Studies

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