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In 1893, in Rolle, Arnold Schenk founded the eponymous company, with the goal of creating a network of wineries, to produce, vinify and sell wine, with locations throughout Europe. After more than a century, the Schenk group owns wineries in Switzerland, France, Italy and Spain. 

An expanding enterprise that has become, over time, a true family tradition. Today, as at its foundation, the company is run by the Schenk family. The fourth and fifth generation continue following the path of the founder, with the primary objective of overseeing every aspect of the business. A human seal of quality that guarantees the control from production to sale. 

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What were the needs of Schenk Italia?

Schenk Italia had the need of its bottling plants modernization. 

The first collaboration dates back to 2019, for the design of the new line of Ora (TN) factory. 

The following year, Schenk Italia decided to continue our working cooperation, with the aim of automating the Vidor plant, in the province of Treviso. 

In 2021, since goods things come in threes, the Schenk team contacted us for the development of a new project for the Ora (TN) plant 


A winning collaboration, what did we do?

The careful study of the customer’s needs led us towards an engineering technology developed for a conveying for wine bottles, able to reach a filling speed of 16.000 bph. For this aim, the Acumass storage system was used, capable of handling a high number of glass bottles without pressure. 


For the Vidor (TV) plant, however, we have satisfied Schenk’s need, creating a glass line with the capacity of the 10.000 bph filling machine, fully automated. 


The collaboration between customer and supplier has been structured in such a way as to create a winning and consolidated synergy. After the first commercial layouts, our engineering developed a new glass line with the speed of 16.000 bph, complete with drying tunnel. 


This time, driven by a great deal of engineering knowledge, a great novelty is introduced: for the new line a new storage system - called Twin Buffer - is designed and developed without friction between the bottles, based on a system of multiple ways of loading and unloading capable of simultaneously following the times of the machines upstream and downstream without accumulating delays or troubles to production. 


Case Studies

Case Studies

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