Green Field Projects

The realization of industrial plants that starts from Zero!

The start-up of a plant starting from zero, a Green Field project, is a unique opportunity to implement the latest innovations. 

In the projects of completely new plants, we provide a complete service that starts from feasibility studies, up to the definition of the most suitable plant and its budget, taking than the responsibility for the "turnkey” realization of the entire industrial part. 


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Research and Development for a personalized approach

For over 30 years, our research and development has never stopped, ensuring every project of new factories, maximum reliability: 

Customized solutions according to the production needs
A unique interlocutor who takes care of all aspects of implementation
A "turnkey" supplier who takes responsibility for the entire implementation
Complete integration of industry 4.0 innovations for intelligent and connected production.

The green field projects are carried out following 4 very important phases to ensure the efficiency of the new production plant: preliminary audit, on-site consulting, project coordination and suppliers management, final test and realization of the "Completed Work Documentation" 

Engineering for new plants

In Green Field projects, every detail is carefully planned to ensure that the plant is designed according to the customer's needs and respecting the highest standards of sustainability and productivity. 

Europool uses the latest technologies and the highest performing engineering approaches to create plants that not only meet current market needs but are also ready to give efficient answers to future challenges. 

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