Charging stations

In our headquarter in Fidenza, we've installed charging stations to support those who respect the planet by making green choices. 


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Green Space

Outdoor spaces and green spaces are definitely not the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about the structure of a company…


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Photovoltaics: for a sustainable future

Over the past decade, the traditional business mode of the energy sector, namely production from large fossil-fueled power plants, has been challenged. In particular, what has been a game changer is the gradual spread of renewable energy...


Photovoltaic panels

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Reducing waste

Europool has decided to change its habits in the use of disposable cups, in line with the continuous improvement process initiated at the beginning of the year, with a view to safeguarding the environment and in compliance with the provisions of European Directive 2019/904...



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Clean water

The new Acqualys dispenser available for our staff members!



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Europool for KilometroVerdeParma

Doing business today does not only mean the ability to quickly adapt one's mindset to economic change. Doing business today also means becoming a carrier of social sustainability values and environmental policies."...


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