Feasibility studies

The first step of each project

At the basis of each new plant engineering project, the feasibility study is essential to assess the starting situation and correctly estimate the time, budget and resources to be dedicated to the project. 

Feasibility studies are therefore the first fundamental step in the design of automatic production lines. 

According to our experience, we have developed a systematic and detailed approach to define every aspect of the project: from the definition of the spaces, material flows and logistics, up to preliminary general design of the installations and the evaluation of the necessary infrastructure. 

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Innovation solutions for great performance

Every year, we realize around 40 - 50 lines for different fields, offering a highly specialized consulting service. Our service is focused on the engineering of the production layout as a focal point for the definition of the bottling and packaging lines.  


Consulting for the selection  of the most suitable plants
Accurate planning of the spaces and of materials flows
Development of an integrated project, comprising all the parts of the installation
Identification and project of necessary infrastructures

Specialized engineering service

Thanks to our highly advanced plant engineering and constant investment in research and development, we can identify solutions that meet every production need of the customer, ensuring maximum customization of the bottling and packaging plants. 

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