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The client

The history of Bonollo distilleries dates back to the beginning of ‘900. It was in 1908 that Giuseppe Bonollo acquired the declaration of distillation activities. A first step that represents the genesis of a family business still alive today.

Time hasn’t aged a company capable of always evolve and innovate both in products and technologies.

Umberto, one of Giuseppe’s sons, created the Mestrino distillery, where the company is still based in today: this was the starting point that then led to the birth of various distilleries in Veneto.


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What were the needs of Distillerie Bonollo?

The customer needed the coordination, project and engineering of the new bottling department with bottles and packs conveyor systems. 



A winning collaboration, what did we do?

We realized two new complete lines for 42 different bottle sizes with a line speed equal to 12.000 and 14.000 bph. Bottles have particular and different shapes: round, rectangular, oval and conical. 



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Case Studies

Case Studies

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