Relocation of complete production lines

Equipments relocation and upgrade service

The target of the relocation of entire production systems is to keep and improve the performance of the existing plant, by adapting it perfectly to new customer needs.  


We provide a complete service in all phases of the process: starting from the Audit of the line to be relocated to check the existing situation and the various needs for retrofitting and/or replacement of the equipments, going ahead with the project development to adapt the line to the new reality and the new customer needs with preliminary budget indication. 


We take care of all the "turnkey" activities: dismantling, relocation, retrofitting, installation and final commissioning in the new site. 


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Relocation lines

Our strengths

We take care of relocation lines all over the world,  from one country to another and within the same building, ensuring maximum competence: 

Know-how to manage complicate relocation projects.
Technical and technologic network to manage the machines of other suppliers.
Improving performance of production plants
Maximum customization according to production needs

Planning for top performance

The integrated approach and customization are the distinctive features of our line relocation service. 


The initial planning phase includes the analysis of assets and current performance and studies the new indications provided by the customer;  at this stage, we use our increased expertise to ensure the perfect adaptation to new needs. 

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