Sistemi di supervisione di linea

Line supervision system, with data reading through a Siemens PLC (line CPU 1500). Data exchanges with other machines will take place with compatible protocols. The exchange data must be prepared and managed by the various suppliers based on the specifications that will be defined:

  • reading for the collection of statistical data (OEE, Downtime)
  • writing for the remote format loading request and sending of production data (batch, etc ..).

The system can receive information on the productions to be performed or directly on the CPU by means of a data exchange on database and PC through procedures to be defined directly with the customer. The application does not manage warehouse, scheduling, maintenance, personnel but is an intermediary between a customer management system / MES and the line. The system will have a single access point by a PC installed on the line from which it could be possible to perform analysis on past productions and on the current one. Other access devices to be defined.

Documentation generation.

Installation and testing at customer premises.

Meetings with various suppliers for finalization of technical specifications.


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