Europool S.r.l. aderisce al Consorzio Forestale KilometroVerdeParma

«Today doing business does not only mean the ability to quickly adapt one's mentality to economic changes. Doing business today also means being vehicle of the values of social sustainability and environmental policies» explains Anna Priero, Director of Operations of Europool S.r.l., the engineering company that was founded in Fidenza (PR) in 1993 and has always been involved in plant engineering for the bottling and packaging sector.

«The rapid growth of our business, which led us from a small local company to measure ourselves rapidly against the challenges of the constantly evolving international context, has accentuated our identification with the values of social and environmental responsibility. Europool joins the initiatives of KilometroVerdeParma this year as a supporting member because we believe in the ideals and objectives of the Forestry Consortium. It is an honor for us to be able to take an active part in planning a sustainable future: it means a small contribution to the well-being of the reality that surrounds us, but also entrusting future generations with a model of social culture that is more attentive to the territory."

KilometroVerdeParma is known since 2015. But it was with the establishment of the KilometroVerdeParma Forestry Consortium in May 2020 that the project took its first steps. The Consortium is currently engaged in planning and carrying out forestation interventions in the whole territory of Parma and its province. More than 50.000 trees have already been planted, on an area of about 45 hectares. As Maria Paola Chiesi, President of the Consortium explains, «KilometroVerdeParma has the ambition of being a reforestation project in which everyone can be a part. In just over 2,5 years we have managed to bring together the world of institutions, local businesses, associations, the world of schools and citizens, in the name of the common good. Planting trees is in fact a simple gesture but with a great impact. In a context like the current one, where climate change is evident, it is the most sensible and farsighted action to take, because it helps to combat air pollution, mitigate heat islands, regulate water and protect biodiversity further to making urban spaces more livable. With the participation of Europool, which I thank, the members of the Consortium are currently 85. An important number but which must grow further, if we want our action to be even more effective. »

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