Case history

Turnkey relocations

Engineering service (turn-key project):

  • Europool engineers visit in existing plant for discussion of project details and further develop of drawings.
  • Technical report of the visit.
  • Integration of the line in the layout of the new plant.
  • Project schedule (GANNT) developing.
  • Media point connection identification & integration in the layout.

Activities to be carried out in existing plant:

  • Diagnostic visit before the line disassembling, to define equipment status, and carry out damaged/ missing parts.
  • Software backups on all involved equipment, except those items equipped with industrial PC or not commercial PLC.
  • Disconnecting and de-cabling operations for all the equipment and ancillaries listed included in the line, in order to separate each machine from the line. Customer will be responsible to close main connection points.
  • Dismantling of the lines, conveyors, machines, preparing lists of equipment, numbering the machines parts.
  • The equipment will be expertly removed from the production hall and prepared for transport. Moving elements or parts will be fixed or dismantled. Depending on their size, the dismantled parts will be put into crates or containers by wooden boxes or fixed on pallets (by foil, band, etc.) to comply with transport stipulations.
  • The material will be duly light packed for the chosen transport in order to avoid any possible damage (packing materials and operations at Customer charge, Europool will carry out only supervision to packing operations).
  • The packed equipment will be lifted onto trucks by means of all necessary lifting devices provided by Europool (20-ton forklift, 10 tons forklift, 2 tons forklift etc…). All lifting devices will comply with safety norms and will have certificate. If any special frame (filler, seamer, etc..) must be used for the lifting it has to be provided by customer.
  • Transport from existing plant to new plant. Europol will provide separate cranes if needed in the new plant.

Activities to be carried out in new plant:

  • The equipment arriving at the new plant will be received and unloaded from the trucks. The place of storing in the plant, will be designated by the Customer representative and confirmed by Europool site manager. Machinery unloading will be done by Europool at the presence of Customer’s representative, by means of all necessary lifting devices provided by Europool (20-ton forklift, 10 tons forklift, 2 tons forklift etc…). For these operations we will need storage area for dismantled equipments and an area in the new plant, as well. This issue will be discussed during the visit of our technician to find a suitable solution.
  • Positioning and assembling of the complete line, electrical and mechanical connection and cabling of all the machines.
  • Start-up and commissioning of the line, acceptance test will be performed with same size & product.
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