Why Europool

30 years specialized in :
  • Complete Engineering services
  • Upgrading of existing lines
  • Turnkey lines integration
  • Conveyors for all types of containers
  • Automation
  • Diagnostic and line supervision
  • Drying systems
  • Accumulation systems
  • Pasteurizers
  • Coolers
  • Warmers
Europool is at the service of its actual and future customers, for engineering services, handling and automation for the bottling industry.

This is done thanks to the work of its employees and to the cooperation of the companies that supply goods and services. Awareness of these relationships and the responsibilities they entail, has always been part of the corporate culture.

Innovation, honesty, transparency, social and environmental responsibility are the values, result of a strong cultural identity, in which Europool strongly believes and identifies itself. This awareness, which has become a real business style, has gradually been transferred into one of the fundamental values of the Company and has been handed down for generations.

The rapid growth of the business has led Europool, from a small local reality, to compete in a context of multiple international scenarios in rapid and constant evolution.