What have we done in 2022?

Drinktec exhibition, where the real protagonist was our "Twin buffer".
In the previous newsletters we told you about a new system of extraordinary accumulation but seeing it live, in operation, has aroused great interest.
We knew it would have been the revolution of accumulation, but we never imagined how much you’d like it.
At its side our new "Dryer", the confirmation of our drying system already famous all over the world, with a new patent,

Result of the commitment of our entire technical team that during the pandemic has never stopped believing that sooner or later we would have rediscovered our normality.

Projects all over the world. We are a proud Italian company that works all over the world.
In Morocco we developed the fastest line of the country, 81,000 bph.
We flew to Mexico to start a collaboration with a big company world leader in the beer sector.
Our Twin Buffer has been appreciated until Fiji Islands.
The world of wine remains a great confirmation and craft breweries are a new challenge.

All this was possible also through the implementation of LEAN techniques, which allowed us to grow and offer our services and our products in a very short time and at very competitive prices. All personnel continue to be actively involved in this development project, which aims at the optimization of the result and continuous improvement.

The world will never go back to the way it used to be, but if it is true that "in the middle of difficulties opportunities arise", we want to look to the future with positivity. We would continue to contribute as much as we can to face issues of ethical impact, both towards our employees and towards the society and our environment.

By implementing our Code of Conduct, we have written down Europool’s belief, respecting mainly its personnel.

With a look at our territory, collaborations between Europool and several local non-profit entities have born; local suppliers have been privileged and projects related to sport and culture have been developed.

We have always collaborated with schools and universities. In 2022, 16 young people were recruited, bringing new forces, ideas and skills to the company.
It was a bet won against the crisis arising during Covid-19 pandemic.

These are just the first small steps that we made as a company and as people. The company is young and full of ideas, we like to think that in 10 years we can find ourselves here to see our projects developed all over the world but preserving the attention to our territorial origins and a human “modus operandi”.

Happy holidays to all,
with the hope to spend them with your families and near your loved ones.

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