For more sustainable future

In the last decade, the traditional way of business in the energy sector, i.e. production from large power plants by fossil fuels, has been questioned. In particular, the gradual diffusion of renewable energies was the one that changed the situation.

The green reality is diffusing in all sectors in recent years and has created a new way of living, but also of investing. We are witnessing a new direction of Italian companies that are more and more aware of the environment and invest in alternative energy.

Europool has been part of this change by investing in the installation of photovoltaic panels on the entire surface of its production area.

At the end of October 2021 we produced a total of 513 MegaWatts

Of which:

  • 336 MegaWatts used directly
  • 177 MegaWatts entered in the network

The company's commitment does not stop with the installation of these panels, in fact in October 2021 we installed a new automatic system for the management of company consumption, which allows us to control and optimize the absorption peaks.


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