Turnkey lines supply

Europool can play the role of main contractor and supply complete turnkey lines and new facilities and it is the only reference for the Customer and coordinates every aspect of the project, from the study of containers to the start-up of the plant. 


  • Advice and expertise for the identification of the most suitable bottling and packaging plants and machineries, which comply with customer’s needs and objectives.
  • Feasibility analysis and preliminary studies for all the plants concerned, both process and utility systems, with lay-outs  and  know-how explanation.
  • Technical assistance for the evaluation of the whole process required for your bottling plants.
  • Elaboration of technical sheets of the installations and specifications for each single machinery and device, which are necessary for quotations from the potential suppliers.
  • Elaboration of the technical  specifications and all the characteristics for a proper identification of the supply with its supply limits.
  • Final lay-out of each section.
  • Final general project of all the plants concerned, both process and utility plants.
  • Technical advice for the projects of the different utilities like piping, wiring etc.
  • Technical advice for carrying out the auxiliary services (electrical substation, low pressure air compressor etc…).
  • Technical advice for the implementation of the civil infrastructures (specific technical tiling, sewages, etc…).
  • Technical coordination among  the suppliers.
  • Collection and control of all the documents required from the CE legislation.
  • Technical specifications for the packing materials (caps, labels, paperboards etc…).
  • Training program for your staff at the manufacturers’ premises.
  • Pre-testing of the machines at the suppliers’ premises.
  • Deliveries control and coordination.
  • Supervision on the processing lines assembly, testing, commissioning and start-up at the customer’s premises.
  • Specification sheets of acceptance test for each machine and for  the complete line.


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