Packs conveyors

The CONVEYOR system is composed by various conveyors chosen on the basis of production and transport needs, in order to satisfy the production, layout, space and safety requirements for operators.

The conveyors are composed of idle heads, intermediate modules and motorized heads, combined each other and combined with the machines present on the plant.

The conveyors can be placed side by side to allow the passage of materials from one transport system to the next.

The conveyors can be of various types:

  • CHAIN CONVEYORS (container transport)
  • BELT CONVEYORS (transport of bottles or packages)
  • ROLLER CONVEYORS (parcel transport)
  • AIR CONVEYORS (transport of PET / PE / PP / PVC bottles)
  • PREFORMS AND CAPS CONVEYORS (transport of preforms and caps)
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