The pasteurization tunnel is entirely made in stainless steel AISI 304 – dimensions 15.200 mm x 5.000mm with tubular square sections and steel sheets bent in order to form a tunnel.

In the body sides have been obtained a series of openings protected by doors which allow to easily dismount the manifolds and the nozzles thus enabling an easy servicing of the machine. In the lower part of the machine there are a series of tanks being connected between each other by water defluxion plates. The tanks are equipped both with suitable openings enabling to enter the machine and with openings enabling their quick emptying; they also are equipped with overflows and sluice-gate filters protecting the pumps. The pumps are made in cast iron and they take in the processing water and then send it to the spray nozzle pipes being located on the machine ceiling beneath the roof. Such tubes are made in stainless steel and are pressure-fitted in their housings; the pipe fittings tightness is guaranteed by suitable seals. A conveyor inside the tunnel, controlled by a gearmotor, collects and conveys the products to be processed. In the upper part it slides on st.steel pipes while its return is made on rollers in st.steel. Motorized and idle wheels are installed on shafts made in treated steel.

The steady positioning on the floor and the uniform weight distribution are provided by the feet with adjustable height.

General features:

  • Frame in stainless steel AISI 304 sheet and tubular sections.
  • Plastic net with passage combs.
  • Tank in st.steel AISI 304 with cast iron pumps
  • Pumps double suction filter.
  • St. steel thermometers and manometers in st.steel installed on each pump.
  • Spraying nozzles holding pipes in st.steel AISI 304.
  • Spraying nozzles st.steel
  • Automatic temperatures adjustment.
  • SEW gearmotor equipped with frequency variator.
  • Treatment zones.
  • Water heating by heat exchanger / direct vapour injection
  • Heating systems by direct vapour injection in the tank 
  • Heating system with heat exchangers (for pre-pasteurization and pasteurization area)
  • Machine realized in seven modules
  • Every tank is equipped by visual and sounding alarm in case of temperature error.
  • Energy recovery system
  • St.steel electrical panelboard with closed socket and supports, electrical wiring material with st.steel cable trays and FROR cables.
  • Digital and analogic signals exchange with external machines and equipments.
  • No memorization of production data is foreseen


  • Infeed and outfeed conveyors 
  • “Active passage system” at machine infeed and outfeed in order to avoid bottles remaining on the dead plates 
  • Ventilator at tunnel outlet
  • Air conditioner in the electrical panelboard
  • Pasteurization units control system


The PU control system avoid the problem of over-pasteurization in case of machine stops for downstream accumulation. In case of machine stop, conveyors and pumps are stopped.

In the pre-pasteurization and pasteurization zones the pumps, after a set-up time, begins water recirculation in the tank without wetting the bottles, in order to bring the temperature lower than 60° thanks to the injection of service cold water.

After this operation the products are wet in order to low the temperature up to 60° in the lowest time.

Temperature and times of this operation can be adjusted from the electrical panelboard.

In case of line restart, the machine will need some time to bring the water temperature to the set up values in each tank.

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