Big Buffer

The “Big Buffer” aims to solve issues related to the accumulation of big containers, such as bottles with a capacity of 5-10 liters or with a particular shape, which do not allow an accumulation compatible with traditional mass-flow type applications. The system is very compact and modular, ensuring an easy use and flexibility, to be adapted to the customer's needs.
The “Big Buffer” is a table composed of a series of straight chain belts, communicating at its infeed and outfeed with two 90 °belts.
The containers transfer takes place by means of a dynamic trolley, which guides the passage of the containers from the loading belt (infeed belt) to the transfer / accumulation area. Unloading is
carried out by a dynamic trolley placed on the unloading belt (outfeed belt).
All the motors which control the movement of the transfer/accumulation belts are placed under the main structure.

infeed belt or loading belt: it handles containers from the upstream production line towards the transfer / accumulation area.
dynamic loading trolley: structure with mobile guide that allows the containers to be transferred from the loading belt to one of the transfer / accumulation belts.
outfeed conveyor, or discharge conveyor: it handles containers from the transfer / accumulation area to the downstream production line.
dynamic unloading trolley: structure with mobile guide that allows the containers to be transferred from one of the transfer / accumulation belts to the unloading belt
transfer / accumulation belts: they allow the conveying of the containers along the “Big Buffer”.
Items identification:
In the normal operation of a production line, the “Big Buffer” works with “transfer” system: the single-row flow of containers from the upstream machine to the downstream machine crosses the “Big Buffer” using a single
transfer belt.
During an accumulation phase, the downstream machine is stopped but the upstream machine continues to work, therefore the belt used in the "transfer" phase is already occupied: the dynamic loading trolley is therefore activated,
positioning itself on the belt immediately alongside. This conveyors therefore functions as an "accumulation".
These steps can be repeated for a number of belts decided in advance, based on the accumulation required by the Customer.
When the downstream machine restarts, the downstream area of the “Big Buffer” is emptied, allowing the discharge of the containers: this is done by
activating the dynamic discharge trolley, which is positioned according to the request, on the active accumulation belt.
During this phase, the “Big Buffer” is emptied, making the transfer / accumulation belts available again for continuous use during production. In
this way, since the upstream machine was able to continue its production, production stops and therefore loss of efficiency is avoided.
The Big Buffer allows a completely FIFO accumulation.

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